Villages and canyons
of Catalonia
Ancient villages, giant waterfalls, kayaking, cozy campings and an underwater church. Three days, what a great trip!
Visit to two ancient villages
• Kayaking on the lake
• Mountain routes
• Giant waterfall
• Overnight in camping and tents
• Flooded church
• Via-ferrata

This journey is an immersion in Catalonia, which is not at all known to foreign tourists. Not many people know that Catalonia is beautiful not only with Gaudí's works and sandy beaches, but also with incredibly picturesque nature and small mountain villages that have not changed their appearance for thousand years. We'll meet all of them! We'll also have mountain paths with stunning views, cliffs and rocks, rafting on lakes and canyons, as well as overnight stays in tents and cozy campings. A wonderfull weekend for the whole family!

Just check out the photos below from our previous hikes in these locations!
Plan of the trip
Day 1. Rupit, giant waterfall and a hike.

Our journey begins in Rupit - perhaps one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia, which has hardly been touched by civilization. Walking along it, you are involuntarily transported into the past, when the streets were filled with artisans and clergy. You can still see geese walking on the streets, and the city's appearance has remained the same as it was half a thousand years ago.

But our path will follow further, a forest trail begins outside of the city, which will lead to us with a giant 80-meter waterfall and beautifull views of the neighboring valleys. We will walk 12 kilometers through a beautiful forest and rocks and after making a circle, we will return to the city, where a medieval restaurant famous for its Catalan cuisine will be waiting for us. We'll taste local dishes and take a master class on how to drink from porron, a traditional Spanish vessel.
After a dinner, we'lll go to a camping, right on the outskirts of the city, famous for the many rabbits running on its lawns. We will stay overnight in one of the coziest houses.

Day 2. Taverthet, rappelling, kayaking and underwater church.
Near Rupit, there is another, no less pretty town - Tavertet. In addition to its architecture, it is famous for being on the edge of a giant canyon, where we'll go. We'll walk along the canyon to climb a protruding rock, from where a view of the entire canyon extends to the lake.
We will not go down on foot, but on ropes, like real climbers, but you should not worry about safety, as the descent will be with reliable belay. We will go down to the very mouth of the canyon, where kayaks will already be waiting for us, and on our further journey we'll go along the canyon by kayaking.

Alongside the dizzying cliffs that we will sail past, this place is famous for another attraction - the underwater church, the dome of which is visible from the water. This church has its own interesting story, which we'll surely tell.
Tired, but happy, we will moor to the shore, where we will pitch tents at the camp, have dinner with prepared food in the camp and spend this night under the stars.
Day 3. Via ferrata!
Now we are ready for the main adventure - the via ferrata! Via ferrata is a trail made along a steep cliff, with many steps, wooden bridges and crossings, but since you are always fastened with a belay to a metal cable stretched along the entire trail, this trail turns into an interesting and safe adventure.
We will offer you several via ferratas depending on difficulty level and time consuming, and you will choose the most suitable for you. After passing the route, in the evening we'll return to the city.
price of the hike - 480 €
(min 3 people per person)
- two guides services .
- All organization and coordination of the trip
- Accommodation in albergues or campings.
- Kayaks renting .
- Equipment for the Via ferrata.
- Camping dinner on the second day.
- professional Photos in the hike
Not included:
- Meals at the restaurants
- Car rental (you can take an additional minibus for a group if necessary)
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