Incredible trip

to North of Spain!
Dates: available from may till september
Day 1

We leave from Barcelona at 9:00 a.m.

In Huesca we will visit the famous emerald water canyon and see several waterfalls.
At 15:00 we will arrive to Alquézar. This village has examples of rock art at the Vero River Cultural Park, designated World Heritage. We will visit outstanding castle, the Santa María la Mayor collegiate church ,and after a nice breakfast we will make 15 km hike. You will be amazed of pictures views you will see!

In the evening we will stay at the apartment's near Alquézar. Apartments has shared rooms.
2 Day
This day we will move a lot. We take our car and will go to a village Borja, where we will visit famous Borja church (Ecce Homo).This tiny little village became famous thanks to an old lady who attempt to restore the fresco -Cecilia Giménez, lets discover this interesting story, that became famous all over the world!

After we will discover a desert-Bardenas Reales, we will have a nice walk here and will arrive to San Sebastian at night. Here we will stay at the centric Albergue, so we can enjoy the night life.

3 Day
First half of the day we will visit geological wonder of Zumaia! If we can believe, this is exactly a place where a big meteorite fell dawn and made disappear all dinosaurs! We will see giant cliffs and will walk by the ocean!

This evening we will get back to camping earlier and rest for the 4th intensive Day.In the evening we can go to a nice cozy village near the camping for the Dinner.

4 Day
• Visiting the oldest and the most famous Altamira Cave! Found painting here has between 35000 and 15000 years old!
• Visiting Bilbao in the evening.
• Watching the sunset at Gaztelugatxe!(That is a place where was filmed the famous scene of the Game of Thrones!)Feel yourself at the movie!

5 Day
•Back home to Barcelona!
Price of the tour
Detailed information, what is included in tour and what extra expenses you can have.
Price 450 euros
  • Excursions
  • Common medicine box
  • Accomodation
  • Breakfast
  • Tickets to cultural place
What it does not include
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Bars
  • Gasoline
Thermal underwear, Synthetic t-shirts , Fleece jacket, Membrane jacket, Hat, Gloves, Synthetic pants, Trekking socks, Wool socks, Clean clothes, Trekking shoes, Sunglasses
Trekking daily backpack (25-30l), Backpack cover, Dry slack for docs, Several bags for clothes and hygien, Dry sack for clothes
Passport, Money/card, Phone, Insurance(optional)
Medicine box
Chapstick, Sun blocking cream, And-Aid, Anaesthetic pills, Personal medicines
Toothbrush, Paper towel, SoftFibre towel, Toothpaste
contact with us:
Julia Slesareva
Phone: +34 625 15 28 30
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