About us
MAMUT HIKING was born in March 2017. Yulia Slesareva and Sergey Korolev are a couple who always loved nature and travelling. When we got back from travelling from Latin America, we started to hike with our friends in Catalonia. Yulia had been leaving in Barcelona since 2006 and had opened a Mammoth Museum in the center of the city. She is a Mammoth specialist and passionate about animals all her life, that´s why the Group received its name.

Sergey Korolev is a professional videographer and have been travelling to Spain for his work during many years.

After hiking to so many places in Spain and collecting the knowledge and hiking routes from different regions they become real specialist! Yulia studied 2 years in a Mountain school in Barcelona and Sergey all his life was going to different caves and dedicated his spare time to speleology.

In 2017 we have decided to share our pleasure with more and more people. During these years, we met so many outdoor enthusiasts. They become a part of our team and real friends! We are looking forward to explore more hiking trails, practicing new sports and share them with you!

Yulia Slesareva

Founder of the Mamut Hiking

Mountain guide

Nature and animal lover


Sergey Korolev



Mountain guide

Vladimir Pershin
Mountain guide
Tecnical problem solutions
Every weekend we orgonize hiking in Catalonia
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