Meet our hikers!
Here you can see our usual hikers,but every weekend we are so glad that is someone new is joing usfor a new adventure!
Pilar Elizalde
33 years old. From Quito.Ecuador. Very happy and warm girl, who always hike with us. She always smiles .Every day she goes to a gym with her sister and ready to climb up all the mountains!
Elliott Farmer
IT Telecom engineer. Born in London.England.39 years old. Big fun of Rock music. Every weekend after a hike and a good beer going to a life music Rock concert .Friendly ,more then he looks like.
Monica Urrutia
Monica had become our friend, after a couple hikes. She is from Colombia, working as a doctor at Hospital de la Sant Pau, she is also Anesthesiologist. And we always ask her ,as a joke if she has some for the hikers.
Miguel Aguila
Miguel is in the world of real estate. He also owned a taxi company. Nowadays he travels and enjoy his life. He has been recently in Tailand.He has a little daughter, whom he loves very much.
Nannah Smyth
IT software developer. Nannah has 2 beautifull dogs,who always hike with us-Bertha and Freddy.
Enrique Quevedo
Born in Salamanca.46 years old. Consultant assistant. Practicing wind surf .Loves hard level hiking .Every weekend practicing wind surf and hiking. Very friendly with the woman.
Albina Myrta.
Albanian, since little age living in Italy. So she is definitely Italian. Enjoying travelling and meeting new people. Very funny and fun to be around.
Ville Lehtinen.
Finish, based in Barcelona.38 years old Accounted manager. School of economics. Likes to spend weekend with his friends on a boat. Skiing -is one of his favorite sports.
Ksenia Parkhatsaya
Russian, international Jazz Artist .She is a director of JazzVille Production and Cia Khalo, creator and owner of Jam Circle Forum. If you want to know about Jazz and Jazz Dancing performance talk to Ksenia!
David Duffy

Irish Composer and producer,bassist and bass player of Niall Mc Cabe Irish Bandand A Bass Player,Arranger at The Hard Ground. Moved to Barcelona 2 years ago.

Amber Olson
Actress, Aerialist, International Marketing Specialist, Travel Consultant and Writer.
33 years young. Born in the US but have lived in 40 countries so far. I'm a bit unpredictable. One week I might rough it in the Amazon and the next I will be choosing a gown for the opera

John Alan Woodward
John is a professional sailor. He is traveled whole world! He also owns Catamaran Orsom Barcelona.His favourite frase is : At times, your destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for but something to be achieved
Bex Hill
From London. Bex works at Bershka .She is a fashion specialist. Bex is famous as Flexy Bexy, because she also a yoga specialist. Even she does it for a hobby. Bex is so flexible, whenever we go she bend herself in any cliff!
Allan Estrella Alcon
Felepine.24 years old.Nurse at the Hospital del Mar. Acrobat. Practicing yoga on weekends and Acroyoga. Preparing for the big Performance.
Beatriz Duque
30 years old. Colombian, based in Barcelona. Beatriz is a belly dancer and a model. To be Vegan -is her lifestyle. Beatriz loves her life and every moment she can ,she dances!
Arnau Tort Garcia
From Barcelona, 31 years old. Geologist and studied a master's degree in Micropaleontology at the University of Birmingham. In September will start a funded PhD in Microfossils in Bratislava (Slovakia).
Maria Selezneva
34 years old. Works at a language school .Russian. Knows perfect Chinese and Chinese culture. Very social and friendly person. Maria is very honest and value a real friendships with people.
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