This summer we invite you to join us to the highest point of Europe – mount Elbrus. Look the video, to know details of the trip.
22 June - 7 July
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Group came to Moscow
Tour in Moscow
Transfer to Caucasus
Aclimatization trek
Relax and hot spring
Climb to mountain shelter
Train on the ice
Ascend to the top
Reserve days or
Byke track
Back to Spain
Leave your phone number here and Julia will contact with you to explain all the details
1. The whole transfer during the route
2. Services of professional guides throughout the whole route
3. Accommodation throughout the whole itinerary
4. Climbing equipment (ice axes and crampons)
5. Meals in the trekking and ascending
6. All excursions in the Caucasus mountains
7. Registration of the group in the Ministry of Emergency Situations
8. Insurance, in case of evacuation
9. Tickets for the cable car.
10. Photo and video shooting.
1. Registration of a visa to Russia (but we will help at all stages)
2. Airplane Spain - Moscow / Moscow - Mineral Waters (Caucasus). Approximately 450 euros.
3. Catering in cafes and restaurants

1250 €
The guide. Head of one of the largest tourist clubs in Russia "Вылазки". Speaks English,Russian.
The translator. Organizer of Mamut Hiking group in Spain.
English, Spanish, Russian, Italian,Catalan

Professional videographer and photographer ,Organizer of Mamut Hiking group in Span.
English, Spanish,Russian
Tatiana Dariy
Yulia Slesareva
Korolev Sergey
This people will make everything to make your trip unbelievable
A professional guide from Russia who will lead our group to the top. Tatiana has a huge mountain experience and has already led many groups on Elbrus, as well as many other peaks. Manages the tour club, numbering several thousand people. Annually holds several large tourist festivals.
Julia has been living in Spain for more than 13 years and has had time to explore every corner of Spanish nature. Museologyst. Organizes trips around Catañonia.
Professional photographer and cameraman who created a lot of films about hiking and traveling. Was more than once on Elbrus. The organizer of the private climbing to the famous peaks (Elbrus, Belukha)
The guide. Responsible for the equipment.

Artyom's parents began to take him to the mountains from early ages. Since then, he has climbed many peaks. Develops strategies for new ascents. Specialist in technical equipment.
Gusev Artem
Three steps to Elbrus
Spain - Moscow - the Caucasus
We have two months to get visas for Russia, it's very simple. In June, we fly to Moscow with the whole team and spend one day in the Russian capital, and the next day we will go to the Caucasus. There we will meet guides. One night we will spend in the shelter to rest and gain strength and the next day we will leave. .
Mountain trekking
We will have a five-day trek to the tops of the Caucasus Mountains. To climb to a height of five and a half thousand meters, you need a good acclimatization and the purpose of this trek will be a good preparation for height. We will go through mountain gorges and cross rivers. Rise to the passes and spend the night in tents in the open air. In five days we will go out into the valley, where we can rest, gain strength and go to hot springs.
Ascent to the top
The main stage of our journey. We will climb to the mountain shelter, at an altitude of 4100 meters. At this altitude, there is snow already. This will be the place of our base camp, where we begin to prepare for the ascent. The next day we will train on the ice. Each participant will receive a set of ice axe and crampons. We will learn the basic techniques of walking in the mountains. After one day rest -the day of ascent. Early in the morning, with the light of the stars, the team will go to the top. At lunch we will have to go to the highest mountain in the whole of Europe - 5642 meters. In case of a bad weather, we have two reserve days. Afterwards, we will celebrate our victory at the bottom and the next day we will fly back to Spain.
I have no experience, how will I go straight to the top?
Therefore,there would be first-class guides with you , so durng the whole journey you will feel completely safe and will find your experience easy , and you can make it to the top. Elbrus is not the most difficult climb, technically, with a professional guide it will be easy to climb even for a beginner.
I don't have a visa to Russia.
It is relatively easy to get a visa to Russia for a European. You just need to fill out a form and buy an insurance for the duration of the trip. ( we can recomend you one which every year all our hikers do it.)
We will help you at any stage of the your procedure of getting visa.The cost of the visa is about 50 euros. (Plus insurance + invitation)
I don't have a special equipment!
We will provide you with all climbing equipment we'll , you will need only a standard set for tourism: sleeping bag, mat, mountain boots, trekking sticks, warm clothes. If you don't have something , you can also rent it in Russia.
I'm very afraid of mountain sickness.
At an elevation above 3000 meters, the percentage of oxygen in the air decreases. We specially designed the route where you gain altitude gradually and your body has time to get used to the changes, and you feel comfortable. When climbing, the headache and dizziness may temporarily occur, but then it passes. All our guides are able to provide medical assistance and know what to do in any situation.
Are we always going to spend the night in tents? Will be there shower and toilet ?
The route is designed in such a way that spending the night in a tent is also replaced by spending the night in cozy hotels. So we can take a hot shower and sleep in comfortable conditions.

If I feel bad?
The group will specially have several guides, so that in case you get sick, one of the guides could come down with you to the village. In case of emergency, there would be rescuer team working on helicopters on Elbrus.
I'm a vegetarian, what will I eat?
All the menus will be designed in such a way that the nutrition will be made according each member of the group and each person will be taken into account.
I do not know how to cook food, what will I do?
During the acclimatization campaign and during the ascent, our guides will prepare meals for the whole group. You can participate in cooking if you wish.
We are going to Russia, is it dangerous?
Russia is not more dangerous than any other European country. Danger can only represent certain areas of Moscow in the dark. We will not go into them. The Caucasus is a calm and safe place. Throughout the trip, you will be accompanied by Julia, who grew up in Russia and knows all the features of this country.
In Russia is very cold, we will not freeze?
At a low altitude, it will be warm and comfortable, about 20-25 degrees Celsius. It will be cold only for the last few days when we climb up (to -10 degrees). For these days we will need warm sleeping bags and good clothes.
Leave your phone or WhatsApp and Julia will call or text you for explain details
+34 625 152 830
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