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Congost de Mont Rebei
Congost de Mont-Rebei is a treasure located at the boundary between Cataluña and Aragon region.

This is a place of undeniable ecological value for wildlife, and the beauty of its rugged landscape. We will spend 2 days , hiking the first day ,observing stars at night up the hill with the huge telescope and doing kayaking the day after! Experience the whole cultural variety in one weekend!

2 days
hiking and kayaking through the most beautiful landscape of Congost de mont Rebei
sleaping one night at albergue or a rural house
Departing from Bareclona, we will hike first day, star observation at night and kayaking the 2 day.
The price includes hiking, accommodation, breakfast, kayaking,star observation with the telescope.

Not included: dinner,snacks,transportation
Day one
Meeting time :8 a.m.

Once we arrived to Congost, we put our stuff at the hostel having a coffee and will have a nice hike in Montsec area. It is just 15 min away from our Hostel ,hiking is about 12 km.and has spectacular views!

We will cross a small tunnel and will be impress with the new panoramic viewpoint .

In the evening, we will have a pleasant dinner and the local restaurant.
Day 2
On Sunday after a breakfast at 09 o´clock we will go for kayaking in Mont-Rebei.
We will receive the first instruction and the whole day can practise this fun sport!
We can have a good swim that day as well!
What to take with you:

  1. shoes for trekking, sport clothes,a lot of water,sun cream,bikinis,towel,snacks,
  2. food for picnic (sandwiches, fruits and others),water
  3. hat,sun glasses
  4. small backpack so you can bring things with you while doing activity
Tour details
Shared rooms
The albergue we are staying has beds in shared rooms. Breakfast is included .in case of small groups till 10 people ,we can have a rural house with 3-4 people per room with separated beds or dubble beds.
Age groups: 16–45
Visual communication takes place through pictures, graphs and charts.
If you decide to cancel the trip,you can cancel it 2 weeks before the actual activity in order to receive you money back. 50 %should be payed in advance and 50 % should be paid 2 weeks before the activity take place.
Watch a tour video September's group kindly shared with us:
Meet your guide: Yulia Slesareva
Julia is a professional mountain guied with 5 years of experience. She has good knowledge about city landmakrs, modern hotspots and history, she makes the tour fun for people of any cultural background.

The guide is not only for hiking tours: you can address Julia with any concerns and questions you might have. Our team will make sure that you're getting the most of your tour.
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