Hike with wolves (10/09/2020)
This was the last summer hike with tents. This time we went to France, where we first visited the center of Wolves, and then went to a mountain lake to make a camp there. The first day was wonderful weather, in the last rays of the sun we went out to the lake. But the second day we woke up in a cloud. There was nothing to be seen several meters ahead. These are mountains and the weather in them is unpredictable. But when we reached the top, the clouds left for a few minutes and we saw the entire valley and the peaks of the nearest mountains. Unbelievably beautiful! It was a challenging hike, but every hiker from our teem was strong and we all passed the challenge. Thank you guys! Until next hikes!
Journey to Iceland (21/08/2020)
Our journey to Iceland has ended. We drove all over the island, did a lot of hikes, got to know the locals and found some secret places in Iceland! This is an amazing country that has remained in our hearts. In a year we will definitely return from Mamut Hiking, but for now it's time to return to Barcelona, because the summer is not over yet, which means there are many interesting hikes ahead!
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